You will be immersed in the English language for one week. In a small setup, you will start improving your English skills together with your fellow students,... and you will practice your English social skills... an intense and tough week.

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How about 5 days of full focus on your English skills?

From the very first moment you will speak English and only English with your fellow students and your teacher. Every day starts with conversation classes in the morning. We make use of interesting topics so different viewpoints can be discussed. While one participant might know about this topic as a professional, another might be more familiar with it in a more private manner. This variety makes for valuable conversation which helps you add to your active and passive English vocabulary.

The afternoon is filled with different projects. The themes of the morning program are also part of the afternoon projects, like travel life and global community life. As these are cooperative projects, teamwork is an important part of completing these assignments. The results of your work are then shared with the other participants so you can practice your communication skills some more. Everything you learned in the conversation lessons you can use in the projects. Fun and educational.

The days pass by quickly because of the variety in topics and activities and by using the language in a group setting. Practice makes perfect!

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Key facts

Dominican monastery in Zwolle


17 - 21 February
28 April - 2 May
10 - 14 August
12 - 16 October

Language levels: 
Pre-intermediate / Intermediate
(A2 / B1)


course fee € 645,00
study materials € 50,00

lunch € 90,00
sportschool € 30,00


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