Prior to the course, an intake takes place to assess your current language level. You will fill out a form, take an online test and you will have a one-on-one (Skype) conversation.

What is the week (from Monday through Friday) like?

The Crash Course is an intensive course. Naturally, there will be time for relaxation, but the goal is to achieve as much as possible within a week, and thus you will need to take into account that the program will be tough.

Strictly English
Throughout the entire week, you will be exposed to the English language. From the moment you come in to the moment you go home. You will hear, speak, write, read and see English. All of your senses will be involved in learning the language.
On the first day you might still need to get used to speaking English with each other, but we know it will be easy to do so soon enough.

Each day begins at 9:00 with joint conversation lessons. Here, we use a variety of teaching methods, such as role plays, conversation exercises in pairs and in groups, class instructed grammar, games, etc.
We will end the day at around 16:00.

Around the afternoon, you will have an hour free for a joint lunch and you will be able to relax in one of the monastery gardens if you would like (the courtyard is place of silence). There is also a large park available at walking distance.
During the entire day, coffee/tea/water/fruit will be available.

Social English
In addition to the study hours, there is opportunity to practice your conversational English skills. You will create and experience a short trip into the history of Zwolle, in addition to having time to practice with your fellow students and the trainers.

Before the end of the week you will most likely start to think in English...

After a long, intensive day of learning it is a good idea to do some physical exercise. This could be a walk, a bicycle ride, and there is the possibility to put your body into motion at the gym.




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