Due to prior commitments, I can only join later on Friday. Is that acceptable?
We understand that it's not always possible to free up your Friday afternoon. You can inform us about this, and you are welcome to join at a later time. There will still be plenty of time for check-in and getting to know your fellow participants.

What is the composition of the group?
The group is formed in the order of registration and is expected to be a diverse group (male/female, young/old, Dutch/international). On average, the ratio is 70% female and 30% male, with ages typically ranging from 35 to 60 years. However, we have had groups where these averages were quite different. What is common among all participants is their motivation to work intensively on their English language skills for a few days and further build their language knowledge. A bond usually forms among participants, regardless of gender, age, or reasons for taking these courses.

Can dietary preferences be accommodated?
Yes, we definitely take dietary preferences into account. It is essential for us that participants feel comfortable and well-cared for, including their dietary needs. We do our best to reasonably accommodate dietary preferences. Participants can communicate their dietary preferences in advance, allowing us to ensure they are offered the right meals and options during their stay.

I live close to Dalfsen and prefer to stay at home. Is that possible?
Staying overnight in the Monastery, of course, adds to the English-speaking atmosphere. However, if you live within a short distance of Dalfsen, we understand if you choose to go home after the evening program and opt not to stay overnight in the monastery (you can still join for breakfast if you wish). If you do not stay overnight in the monastery, there is a one-time discount of € 75.00.

I'm still unsure if my English language proficiency is suitable for the course's language level. How can I gain more clarity on this?
The language level of this course is tailored to participants who can comfortably navigate standard situations in English (e.g., while on vacation) and are capable of engaging in simple conversations on familiar topics (A2 - B1 if you're familiar with language proficiency standards; more information available via this link).

If you're uncertain about whether your current English language level aligns with the course, you can always reach out to us for an assessment.

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to take a self-assessment test. You will receive the results within a maximum of two working days.



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